2. The Loss

What is the size of a digital picture?

Most of the images we see are not made from the original photograph but from a compressed copy.

This compression, like any compression, implies some information has been lost.

One way to visualize this loss of information is to compare the original picture’s file (the book on the left, see >1 The Negative) with that of a compressed copy (the book on the right). 

I then printed the images corresponding to these "photo books". Two images that look the same to us may come from very different digital files.

1 .txt file (199.2 MB) printed on paper and bound ( 48x35x27 cm, 35 kg) and 1 .txt file (5.8 MB) printed on paper, bound (14x10x8 cm, 800g)
2 inkjet prints 46.3 x 30.9 cm