Valerio Vincenzo has always been insatiably curious.

Not satisfied with his work as a documentary photographer, he doubts, he steps back, he explores.

His research springs from an aporia: although he is convinced it is impossible to represent reality accurately, he keeps trying to document it.
Valerio has many sources of inspiration, all linked to this acknowledged failure, be it the work of a philosopher (Clément Rosset - Le Réel. Traité de l'idiotie), a film director (Michelangelo Antonioni - Blow Up) or science historians (Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison - Objectivity).

With the rigour of a researcher and the naivety of a child, Valerio plays with formats and stereotypes. Like many autodidacts, he’s eclectic.

Valerio has been Italian since 1973 and French since 2014 and is currently based in Paris.

Trained as an economist, he was a business strategy consultant and NGO administrator before becoming a freelance photographer in 2004. He works for the press (Geo, Le Monde,...) as well as public and private institutions, all while diving into a number of artistic projects.

He is the founder of the association
Borderline, Frontiers of Peace, which not only organizes the photo exhibitions of the eponymous project but also workshops on image education in schools across Europe.

A member of the studio Hans Lucas, Valerio is also a public speaker, taking the stage, for instance, to talk about photography for Live Magazine.

Links to Valerio’s portfolios on Hans Lucas: